Early on last week James and I both (separately) decided that we wanted to go for a Sunday roast at the weekend. I was busy during the day and so we said we’d go in the evening (which would also help ward off Sunday-itus and prolong the weekend before we started moaning about Monday.)

The problem was however, although there are loads of places that do a Sunday roast in Leeds, they all seem to stop at 6pm and it was 5.50pm by the time we decided we were hungry. No other meal would do – we’d spent all week thinking about lamb and Yorkshire puds – anything else would have just been a disappointment.

I took to Twitter for some recommendations and Rhianna (lifestyle blogger) suggested the Black Swan, which is just down the road from Reds and Oporto. They serve food until 10pm so we eagerly set off, hoping we’d get a proper Sunday Roast.

I’d never been to Black Swan before, but had heard it mentioned quite a bit recently. It’s run by the same guys who own Sandinista, Smokestack and Blind Tyger so we were expecting good things.

Black Swan

There’s a pizzeria downstairs and a restaurant – which is where we went – on the first floor. It was pretty empty when we got there just after 6pm – I’m guessing because most people go for a big Sunday lunch with the family rather than an evening meal – but that was fine with us. The building itself is pretty cool and they were playing some great songs in the background (that kind of thing is important to me!) The staff were excellent – attentive without being fussy (hopefully they’re like that too when it’s a bit busier) – and knew their stuff. James asked for a surprise pale ale and was given a pint of Magic Rock something – whatever the grapefruit one is (you can tell I pay attention to this kind of stuff) – which he liked.

We both went for the roasted leg of lamb with mint sauce which was perfect – well presented, the right amount of everything, a good sized portion and very tasty. We had room for dessert too so James had the sticky toffee pudding and I went for apple pie with custard which was absolutely gorgeous, even though the custard was warm. (I always prefer my custard cold, something I have quite heated – ha – ‘heated’ – how apt! – debates about.)


Sticky toffee pudding

Apple pie

Looking at the website, there seems to be a lot going on at Black Swan. Although we went specifically in search of a Sunday roast, I’d like to go back and try their pizzas and some of the cocktails, and go to one of the gigs. It looks like coffee and craft beer fans will find something to their liking here too.

Next time we have a craving for some Yorkshire grub on a Sunday evening, we’ll know where to go.