I’ve already blogged about how ace the Belgrave is for its food and rooftop garden, but did you know it’s also home to a monthly burlesque and cabaret night?

Organised by Ryvita Von Cheese (love it), the Wet Spot occurs every third Saturday of the month on the first floor of the Blegrave (accessed by a side door in between Belgrave and Blind Tyger.)

I went for the first time last year for a friend’s 30th birthday night out which I’d organised and had a great time. I can’t believe I’d left it over a year until I visited again – it is such a fun night.

Last week’s event featured Des O’Connor as the compère (no – not that Des O’Connor), burlesque performers Missy Malone, Scarlett Daggers and Eliza Delite; cabaret artists Joe Black, Arran Shurvinton and Ruth Less, and sword swallower/fire eater Snookie Mono.

Unwrapping Scarlett Daggers

Unwrapping Scarlett Daggers

You are in for a night of entertainment at the Wet Spot’s Cabaret and Burlesque show. It starts at 9pm (doors and bar open from 7pm) and goes on until the early hours of the morning. You’ll be titillated (*snigger*) by the burlesque routines, amused by the cabaret, shocked by the sword swallowing and exclaim “What the…?!” at the other acts. (As an example, we had Nosferatu miming along to Adele’s Hello at the most recent event. Yeah. Utterly bonkers, but it worked.)

"Gin drinking cabaret darling" - Joe Black

“Gin drinking cabaret darling” Joe Black

You have to buy tickets in advance – £14.50 for standing or £17.50 for seats – which you can do on the website. The first time we went we didn’t get seats, and that was fine with us. It allows you to get to the bar easily and have a bit of a bop to the music. This time though we went as a large group and managed to get the raised seating area at the back which made us feel very VIP. You easily get your money’s worth at these nights.

Eliza Delite-ing the crowds

Eliza Delite-ing the crowds

You won’t feel out of place if you’re not dressed in vintage chic or tight corsets – a lot of people go in just normal attire – but it is a great opportunity to get dolled up. There’s no such thing as being too dressy! (Just remember if you’re going to the bar at Belgrave beforehand, they don’t allow fancy dress. As the Wet Spot states – rather than fancy dress, dress fancy!

There’s also a raffle and lucky dip during the night. I don’t normally bother with these but you can win tickets for the next Wet Spot and some other decent prizes, so it’s worth having a go. After the show the tables are moved to the sides and there’s a DJ so you can dance along to some classics.

Snooki Mono doing all sorts of acts you shouldn't try at home

Snookie Mono doing all sorts of things you shouldn’t try at home

The Wet Spot is a really fun night out – whether you’re a burlesque regular or cabaret virgin, you’re in for a treat! Tickets for the next event (Saturday 16 April) are nearly sold out already, so act quickly if you want to be entertained by the beautiful and the bizarre.

[All photos on this post have been taken by Tony Heath Art and used with permission from Tony Heath Art and the Wet Spot Leeds.]