I regularly go to Trinity Kitchen – the food court at the top of Trinity Shopping Centre – and think it’s a great place to eat with friends whilst out in Leeds.

Here’s why I would recommend it:

  • There’s a good variety of different cuisines, including Vietnamese (Pho), Indian (Rola Wala), and American (Chicago Rib Shack). Check out the website for the full list.
  • And if that wasn’t enough choice for you, as well as the permanent eateries, Trinity Kitchen is also home to street food trucks that rotate on a six-weekly basis. This means that there’s often something new to try each time you visit. As well as keeping things interesting for Trinity shoppers, it’s a good way for the the visiting food companies to test new dishes, publicise their brand and reach a new audience.
    Trinity Kitchen
  • One of the things I love most about Trinity Kitchen is that you don’t have to get your food from the same restaurant as your friend. It’s a good place to go in a large group as you can all sit together but eat from different places. It caters for different food tastes, dietary requirements and budgets.
  • I also find myself visiting Trinity Kitchen because it’s quick and convenient. If I’m meeting a friend to go to an early evening event, we’ll often go to Trinity Kitchen because we know we’ll have time to eat there. With it being based in the city centre, it’s pretty close to a lot of the places I go to as well.

    Tasty dishes from Rola Wala

    Tasty dishes from Rola Wala

  • Although it’s a great place to go if you’re a bit short on time, you can still have a leisurely meal there. With so many different restaurants to choose from, you can quite easily get a starter, main and dessert from three different places. (I recommend the chocolate brownie from the Cake Doctor for pudding if you get a chance to visit soon, before the next lot of food trucks come in.)
  • And if you download the app, there are plenty of discounts you can get (such as 10% off at Pizza Luxe or a free bag of chips at Chip + Fish.)

I’ve nearly made my way around all the restaurants in Trinity Kitchen now, but still haven’t grown tired of it, and with new food trucks regularly arriving, there are plenty of reasons for me to keep going back.

Trinity Kitchen