There are a number of amazing Thai restaurants in Leeds, which is handy for me because I love Thai food.

I’ve been planning on writing this blog post for a while but have been waiting until I visited My Thai as it’s been on my list of places to try for ages. I finally went there yesterday for lunch with my lovely friends Emily and Jo, and it didn’t disappoint, so I’m pleased to be able to add it to my list of recommendations.

So here are a few of the different Thai restaurants in Leeds. There’s something to suit all budgets and occasions, and they all offer great quality food.


I’ve been to Sukhothai on South Parade Street but they also have other Leeds restaurants in Chapel Allerton and Headingley. As well as just going for a meal out, I’ve been here for my leaving do from a previous job and for my sister-in-law’s hen do. There’s a nice bar area as you walk in and the whole place feels stylish and sophisticated. It’s a lovely place to go for special occasions. The set menus are a really good option if you want to share and try a little bit of lots of different dishes. They’re very generous portion sizes too!

Zaap Thai

If you’re not looking for a posh meal out but want good food in a fun atmosphere, I’d recommend Zaap Thai. It’s in the Grand Arcade so is a good place to go for a pre-theatre meal. Zaap Thai serves tasty street food in a bustling environment. I’ve been three or four times now and have never managed to get a seat straight away as it’s so busy, but we’ve only ever had to wait a couple of minutes. They also have a restaurant in Nottingham and it looks like they’ll be opening one soon in Newcastle.

Mural at Zaap Thai

Mural at Zaap Thai

Thai Edge

Thai Edge is somewhere I’ve only just discovered this year, but have already been there twice and love it. It’s situated close to Millennium Square, just past O’Neills. In all honesty, I don’t think Thai Edge looks that amazing from the outside. Inside is a different story however. The decoration is sumptuous (lots of purple and gold) and the staff are very welcoming.

I’ve been once for the early bird menu and also the Saturday lunch menu, both of which are two course for £12 I think. Thai Edge is a good option if you’re looking for a post-work meal deal, or something delicious to fit in before an evening activity. The only thing I would say is that sometimes the staff are a little too efficient! You can feel a bit hurried as plates are taken away whilst you’re still eating your last mouthful, but if you’re going for the early-bird menu and are in a rush, this is probably a good thing. I’ve had the fish cakes, chicken green curry and a Mai Tai cocktail before and they were all beautifully presented and tasted amazing.

Statues in Thai Edge

Statues in Thai Edge


I’ve not been to Chaophraya for a while now, but it was one of the first Thai restaurants I went to. I remember Chaophraya being good for a bit of style and theatre. The waiters used to (and I’m assuming they still do) all come out and sing and play gongs if it was someone’s birthday. Writing this has just reminded me that I did actually come here for an anniversary meal with James a couple of years ago and we ordered some food that involved being set alight at our table. Unfortunately the table cloth also managed to catch on fire, and the waiter just very calmly put out the flames with his hand!

Unplanned fire aside, this is another good one if you want to go somewhere for an occasion.

My Thai

And finally – My Thai, on Wade Street in the Merrion Centre. (There’s also a My Thai in Leeds at York Place, as well as restaurants in Bradford and York.) I’d heard a lot of good things about My Thai and they’ve got a pretty active social media presence, so I’d been meaning to try it for a while. It’s a really small place and you can’t pre-book, so you might not always get a seat at lunch, but you can order food to take away if you’re desperate for some tasty Thai!

Jo and Emily both had Pattaya Pad See Ew which they said was delicious, and I had chicken sweet and sour which was gorgeous. I don’t normally get sweet and sour as I used to have it loads as a kid and then went off it. Most of the time I find it too sugary and sticky, but this was beautiful. Most of the main dishes on the menu are a set £6.50, which makes splitting the bill with friends easy. I noticed there was a vegan menu on the wall as well.

Tofu Pattaya Pad See Ew

Tofu Pattaya Pad See Ew

(Em – when we go out do we just go to Thai restaurants?? I didn’t realise that was our thing.)

So if you want to go somewhere for a fancy meal out, I’d recommend Sukhothai. If you’re looking to go out for a family birthday meal, Chaophraya would be a good choice. If you want to make the most of a meal deal and eat somewhere with a bit of style, I’d recommend Thai Edge. If you need somewhere to go for a quick but filling lunch, My Thai is a great choice. And if you don’t want all the pomp but like a lively atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with Zaap Thai.

Gin hâi a-ròi!