I love a good night out, and I love a nice big breakfast in the morning. Revoluci贸n de Cuba ticks both these boxes.

Revoluci贸n de Cuba is a Cuban bar and restaurant on the corner of Call Lane. It opened in October last year, but I鈥檇 actually been to the one in Harrogate a few years before then. My awesome maid-of-honour, knowing I was going to Cuba on my honeymoon, had managed to find me a Cuban cocktail bar in which to enjoy copious amounts of rum and dance the night away.

Two cocktail teapots

Revoluci贸n de Cuba must be a good hen-do choice as my first visit to the Leeds bar was on my sister-in-law鈥檚 hen do. Her brother had kindly booked us a booth in the upstairs room where we got the VIP treatment. We had聽cocktail teapots, colourful leis, holiday hats and noisy maracas.

After enjoying our own seating area upstairs, we went downstairs to the main bar and party area to do some dancing and make lots of other people jealous of our maracas (not a euphemism.) Tip: if someone says they want to borrow your maraca 鈥 don鈥檛 let them. They will steal it.


It鈥檚 also a good place to end the night if you鈥檝e been out by Granary Wharf. I was聽there recently with my friend Sophie聽and was very pleased when聽鈥淪exual Healing鈥 by Hot 8 Brass Band was the final song of the night.(Admittedly, I had requested the song, but anyone who’s ever been on a night out with me will know聽I always have to go up to the DJ and suggest a song or two!)

Although I’ve been on a few nights out in Revoluci贸n de Cuba, I hadn’t actually eaten there before. Pink Gorilla Promotions聽has been running聽a 2-4-1 offer on brunch throughout August,聽which gave me a perfect excuse to try out the food with my friend Nicole who was visiting for the weekend.

Brunch board

There were about eight options on the brunch menu, ranging from small and slightly healthier versions (involving obligatory avocado) to more substantial dishes. I, of course, went for the heartier option聽and had a Breakfast Burrito, full of eggs, beans and something with a bit of kick, plus a couple of rashers of bacon.

Breakfast burrito on a plate

Nicole went for a Cubano Benedict which was a poached egg and pulled pork on sourdough bread with potatoes and a salsa salad.

Cubano benedict

Because it was “brunch” and not breakfast, we decided to have a cocktail to go with it. I’d never normally choose a cocktail at 11am, but as聽it was brunch, it felt like the thing to do.


Our聽waitress – Ana – was excellent and was happy to offer suggestions.聽With the PG Promotions voucher, our meal was ridiculously cheap. It was 2-4-1 on selected cocktails and the second (cheaper) dish came free. For our two big breakfasts and two cocktails, the total cost was just under 拢15!

I already plan on going back soon. I don’t think James has forgiven me yet for sending him photos of my breakfast burrito after leaving him with just a cup of coffee at home.