Livin’ Italy¬†–¬†an Italian restaurant, bar and deli on Granary Wharf – has been on my list to blog about for a while, but I was saving it for a round-up of best places to go for breakfast in Leeds.

I recently went to Livin’ Italy for dinner, and having previously been for both breakfast and lunch, decided it really was good enough to feature on the blog on its own and not just in a round-up.

There’s a great vibe to Livin’ Italy. It’s easy to spot along the row of restaurants and bars on Granary Wharf as it’s the one with a Vespa in the upstairs window! You walk through red curtains to enter, taking in the amazing smells from the kitchen and deli, making your way¬†upstairs to the restaurant area. Seated under the arch, you can overlook¬†the waterfront (the other side of the restaurant just offers views of the dark arches which isn’t as picturesque.) Hearing a train go by overhead every now and then just adds to the atmosphere!

I’m not a massive fan of the traditional English full breakfast, but really love the Italian take on a big breakfast here –¬†roasted Tuscan Sausage, crispy pancetta, roasted vine tomatoes, Italian fagioli beans, wild creamy mushrooms & a fried egg. Something a little bit different for breakfast and very tasty.

Something different for breakfast

Livin’ Italy is also one my¬†“go to” places for lunch. I keep having cravings for paninis but it’s actually hard to think of places to get them from that aren’t big, high street chains. (Although I did have a rustic bread panini here with mustard on, which was not a wise choice considering I don’t¬†like mustard – it nearly blew my face off!)

They’ve also got a good street food selection on the menu which Mum and I tried for lunch once. It should come as no surprise that I have of course sampled a couple of the desserts too!

Only one of the desserts was mine!

After a trip to the theatre before Christmas, I came to Livin’ Italy for dinner¬†with James and Mum and between the three of us, we ordered a good selection from the menu. We had¬†the breads basket, pork belly (very generous portion!), sausage burger (which was lovely but you’ll need plenty to drink with it), arancini di riso and a mixed salad.

Dinner for three

The wine menu’s good too. I can’t remember what we had – Mum ordered it and it sounded fancy.

I’m yet to have a pizza from here, but have seen (and smelt) plenty go by, and they look pretty amazing.

The service is always good too. It always feel more authentic when you have staff from the same nationality as the food.

So whether you’re looking for breakfast with a twist, a fresher panini than the usual high-street offerings, or an Italian feast for dinner, I’d recommend visiting¬†Livin’ Italy.