After attending a class at the We Are Wellness centre and having signed up for a few more, it was my intention to write a blog post about this beautiful building and all the great-sounding classes that were on. However, I ended up injuring my foot (no idea how, it just hurt like Billy-o) and had to cancel my place on the classes. As I’ve not been back since (I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy, but really it’s because I was constantly ill the last few months before Christmas and am also rather lazy when it comes to exercise) I thought I’d ask fellow blogger, Lenna Rose, to write a post for me.

I went to one of Lenna’s seasonal high intensity Pilates classes – “Go! Girl” – at the We Are Wellness centre last year and loved it. Unfortunately I can’t make the next one as I’ll be busy celebrating my birthday, but I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys Pilates or just needs to shake off those winter blues. Here’s Lenna’s post:

Picture the scene. Otley Road, bisecting the heart of the student area of Leeds, famous for the Otley Run. The longest pub crawl in Leeds comprising no fewer than 16 pubs and bars. On any given evening during term-time there are crowds of students stumbling and shouting their way down Otley Road dressed as clowns, superheroes, Disney characters, animals….you name it. A pretty intimidating sight when you are heading up the Otley Road in the opposite direction dressed in your civvies and sober as a judge. But, as you find yourself about to be borne down on by the drunken cast of Star Wars, on your right you spy a road and turn to seek refuge from the chaotic scene before you. A few paces up that road and you’re in a tranquil safe haven for the warriors in pursuit of wellness.  

We Are Wellness is a beautiful 18th Century mansion house in the heart of the student area of Leeds. Comprising studios and therapy rooms, you can’t help but be captivated by the charm of this peaceful setting. In just a year this old building has been transformed through hard graft and a whole lot of love by the We Are Wellness team into an urban sanctuary to help you escape the pressures of everyday life.

Inside the We Are Wellness centre

The white walls, big windows and careful lighting ensure that the studio can be transformed into a place that enlivens you and lifts your spirit or provides relaxation and restorative energy when needed. The timetable is ever-growing and there is a wide-range of teachers and services on offer to suit all kinds of needs and preferences. You can have a workout with HIIT+Yoga, a fantastic approach to exercise which involves all-out effort with a soothing stretch afterwards. You can come along once a month for a Sunday yogic sleep known as Yoga Nidra which can help banish that Sunday insomnia that so many people battle. Or why not commit a whole day to an Active Escape where you can do all at once- workout, stretch, relax and eat with the company of others who want to give themselves some TLC?

Autumn Go! Girl session

What We Are Wellness is doing is not like your average yoga studio; they are providing services to suit all needs and personalities and they are helping spread a message of wellness and self-love that cuts through the stresses and strains of modern life in the city. While they are known as a yoga studio they provide far more than just yoga and are building a community of like-minded people who want to find a sensible, balance and social approach to wellness to enhance their lives. Whether you are attending a workshop as one off or going to regular classes you’ll always be met with a warm welcome and a supportive atmosphere and you will always leave feeling lifted by the surrounding and the people that you meet.

You can find out more about We Are Wellness at

Lenna Rose is a freelance Pilates teacher, bellydancer and wellness blogger. She teaches a seasonal workshop called Go! Girl at We Are Wellness. This is a high intensity Pilates class for a low-impact but challenging workout. The next workshop is on Feb 4th at 11:30am and tickets can be purchased via

You can visit Lenna’s website, or follow her on Instagram @my.wellness.project, Twitter @lennarosex, and Facebook – Lenna Rose Pilates and Fitness, Leeds.

[All images on this blog post, other than the external shot of the We Are Wellness centre, are Lenna’s.]