One of the perks of running a blog about what’s going on in Leeds is that I sometimes get invited to new bar and restaurant openings. (Sounds fancy – I know!)

I received one of these perks last week when I was invited to a blogger event at Veeno – the recently opened wine cafe on Wellington Place.

I’d been to the Veeno on Duncan Street before. Both places are lovely but have very different vibes. The one on Duncan Street feels cosier and more informal, whereas the one on Wellington Place feels more upmarket and stylish; Duncan Street feels like a cafe (that serves wine) whereas Wellington Place feels like a bar.

With cork covered glass tables and lots of fairy lights, it’s a good date night venue. There are plenty of tables and a private tasting room as well, so perfect for groups.

I went with my friend Lorraine as we’d been to the other Leeds Veeno together and she’s an excellent wine-drinking companion. Unlike other wine tasting events I’ve experienced, we didn’t have one person talking to the whole group, going through each of the wines. Instead, the baristas brought around the glasses of wine at regular intervals, explaining what each was and what went well with it.

As well as the six glasses of wine (two whites, a rosé, two reds and a sweet wine) we were also given various sharing platters – “authentic spuntini (appetisers)”. Lots of meats and cheeses! Unfortunately we had to get the train home before trying the homemade tiramisù.

All the wines are from the owners’ family vineyard in Sicily and the cold meat cuts, breads and cheeses are sourced from Italy, so you get a proper authentic Italian experience.

There’s a small brochure to go with the wine tasting to remind you what you’re drinking and the suggested food pairing. You can also rate the wines in the booklet (something that will appeal to the Jones family!)

If you like the more interactive events and being told what you should be tasting, this perhaps isn’t for you. If you prefer a more casual setting, going at your own pace and enjoying a conversation with a friend, this is an ideal wine tasting experience. As the owners state, they’re “informative and informal” – you can taste the “award winning wines at your leisure, for your pleasure.”

Thanks to the team at Veeno for inviting me to their Selezione wine tasting.